As a chef, a professional apron is among the essential things that your bucket list won’t miss. You might also be looking for the best apron to gift someone who is special to you.

Besides that, you may be looking for something for your home chef. For that reason, you might wonder how to choose an excellent apron for your home chef.

In this review we have explored some best rated aprons you might want try in your cooking practice. Keep reading to make the right choice.

The Best Aprons


What’s the best apron?

The best apron is the one that is water-resistant and has pockets too. It prevents you from getting spills on your clothes. The pockets will also help you put some tongs and knives, among other small stuff.

You might also want to take the one made from cotton. An apron with towel loops could be useful for keeping some small kitchen towels that you use often. It should also have an adjustable neck.

Find below the best aprons:

1. Seven stars 2 Park cooking cotton aprons

Gift your loved ones with these cotton aprons for cooking. If you are a couple, you might love getting a pair for each other and enjoy your cooking experience. They come in black and white and have pockets. Their neck back is adjustable, and the texture is soft too. These aprons are easy to clean and don’t discolor.

2. DII 100% Extra large Apron

If you are looking for an extra-large or oversized cotton apron, this might be a great fit. It has excellent features like waist ties and an adjustable neck.

It’s not only comfortable but also durable. With its huge center pocket, you can comfortably store knives, spoons, and kitchen towels, among other small stuff. You can customize them and even add a logo using a monogram.

3. Waterproof Rubber Vinyl Apron

Here is yet another lightweight kitchen apron that can help you keep your clothes clean. It’s best for use, especially when cleaning dishes as it keeps your clothes clean and dry.

All this is possible because it is waterproof. You can use it for multiple purposes. Besides using it in kitchens and restaurants, you can as well use it in doing other projects like crafts, art, and pottery.

4. Syntus HK080 2 Pack Apron

The Syntus HK080 has two pockets and can be used by both men and women. This apron is made from soft cotton that tends to be thicker than polyester. This makes it durable and light in weight. It’s therefore comfortable to wear.

There are two big pockets in the middle that you can put some spoons and knives while cooking. It has a neck strap that you can adjust to your desired length. This apron covers from your chest to neck, helping you avoid messing up your clothes.

5. Boharers Adjustable Bib Apron

Here is yet another high-quality apron that you can use while working in your kitchen. Being water-resistant, it not only keeps your clothes clean but also keeps them dry.

If your body is big, no need to worry since it fits any body type. It suits both men and women, and its waist measures 46 inches.

Since it’s resistant to water drops, it saves you from the struggle of washing dirty stains from spills. It has two divisional pockets where you can put your gadgets.

6. Green Lifestyle 3 Pack Bib Apron

No products found.

Try this exceptional kitchen apron with a unique design. The Green Lifestyle is an apron you might be looking for since its unisex. You can use it for various purposes like painting, cooing, and other creative activities.

It’s also a simple and affordable apron that is easy to wash since it’s made from polyester. You can as well use it both at home and for commercial purposes too.

What to look for when buying an apron


You can narrow down your search when looking for aprons by looking at certain factors. Here are some of our suggestions.

  • Type of apron

Every apron is meant for specific purposes. While there are multi-purposes customized aprons, you can find out how you are going to use an apron.

For example, if you are looking for an apron for serving guests, a tuxedo apron could work. As for kitchen purposes, you might want to use a bib apron.

  • Ease of cleaning

Aprons get in touch with many spills as you cook and wash in the kitchen. And you are using them probably because you don’t want to focus on spills and dirt on your clothing while cooking.

You would, therefore, need a material that is easy to clean. It should be machine-washable and dryable as well. If you want something easy to clean, you could try an apron made from rubberlike material.

  • Material

What’s the fabric that was used to construct the material? Some fabrics are durable compared to others. For example, aprons made from poly-cotton are very durable.

However, if you are looking for an apron that is resistant to wrinkles after washing, you might want to use polyester. Cotton creates wrinkles and might not be a good fit.

Other aprons come with different materials that we might not have mentioned, so it’s great to check the description first.

  • Analyze your needs

It’s essential to determine how you are going to use the apron. Are you going to use it for cooking, washing, or other creative projects? This will help you determine what to choose.

For example, serving guests will need a smart tuxedo apron. Washing dishes and other kitchen duties need a water-resistant apron.

  • Shape

The type of work you do determines the shape of the apron. Sometimes you may be looking for something that will not spill water or dirt on your jacket and in that case, a bib apron would be useful.

Bib aprons are also ideal for those looking for aprons with pockets and other functional features to help you while cooking. On the other hand, if you need an apron that lets your jacket be the outermost garment, consider using the waist-shaped apron.

  • Color of the apron

The color of your apron matters due to various reasons. Firstly, you may want to consider whether it blends well with your home décor. You should, therefore, ensure that the color needed is available.

You can also choose a universal color like white or black. However, if you are looking for something that won’t show off dirt, consider selecting a dull color.

You can as well balance the color of your apron with other colored straps.

  • Pockets

Once you start cooking or painting, you will realize that you need to access some things easily, like knives and spoons. Are you also looking for a place to store small notebooks and pens? You need to buy aprons with big pockets.

  • Size

What’s the length of the apron? Are you comfortable with it? Does it fit you? Some aprons are small, medium, large, or extra-large. It would be great if you chose the one that suits you well.

If you are looking for something to cover your jackets and lower side, consider choosing a long bib apron. Make sure it isn’t too long to cause accidents while working.

Some aprons have a standard size and might not fit you if you have a small body. You might want to adjust them to meet your needs.

  • Accessories

What is the type of complementary accessories that you have? Does your apron match with them? Ensure that your accessories complement the color of the apron.

Such accessories include apron straps, chef hats, shoes, and neckerchiefs.

Why should you buy an apron?


Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen? There’s no doubt that an apron is something that you can’t miss often. An apron can benefit you in many ways. Let’s have a look at how it helps.

The main reason why you need an apron is to prevent your clothes from getting stains. If anything spills on you, it goes straight to your apron.

For example, a butcher may need an apron to prevent bloodstains on his clothes and body.

Some businesses use aprons to identify their employees. This also goes in line with the nature of their business. If it involves painting, working in the restaurant, or any form of artwork, they might use a uniformed apron.

If you are going to use your apron in the kitchen, it protects you from heat, dirt, and other dangerous stuff. Should you be using it in artwork that involves chemicals, it protects you from getting in contact with them.

Besides that, if you are working in the medical industries, there are aprons that you need to wear. For example, x-ray rooms have specially made aprons that protect you from radiation.

Industrial aprons, on the other hand, are made with heavy-duty fabrics like vinyl. This protects you from any possible accidents.

Many aprons have large pockets. While cooking, there are small kinds of stuff, like measuring spoons and small knives that you tend to use regularly. Having them in one place help you to save time. Aprons help you store those items.

A gardener may also find the pockets useful since he can keep seeds and other small tools in them. A clerk can use the pockets in aprons to store tickets and money while on duty.

Different types of aprons

Every apron is designed for its function. It’s essential to choose an apron that fits your needs. Below are different types of aprons.

  • Server apron

A server apron is the one that only covers the middle section. It doesn’t offer the coverage of your upper body. It’s, therefore, below your navel.

These aprons are short in length, something that makes them comfortable.

With their short length, you can easily walk in your working place. Servers are meant for head waitresses, house servers and waiters. To effectively clean servers, you need to use a washing machine.

Use cold water and then dry them on a set of low heat. Try to reduce or prevent fading by washing them in cold water when using them for the first time.

If the server isn’t fading, always wash it with other items of the same color to avoid the transfer of color.

  • Bib apron

Bib aprons have waist ties and neck-straps. They are very common because most people use them. They are traditional style aprons that people tie around the back of their waist. They have a loose neck loop and pockets.

With their pockets, you can carry thermometers, guest checks, aprons, and kitchen utensils. This apron is one of the best chef aprons. It suits the kitchen staff and those cooking at home.

It also offers space that you can use to wipe your hands. Bib aprons provide full-body coverage, which saves your clothes from getting backsplash and spills.

Just like the server apron, you can wash Bib aprons with a washing machine and cold water. Put it with like colors to avoid coloring. Use the low-heat setting to dry them. Remember to wash them in cold water to lessen fading.

  • Bistro apron

These aprons don’t offer the coverage of your upper body. They are great at providing extra coverage for your pants. They also have pockets to help you keep some useful stuff during your work.

Staffs who work in front of the house wear them. With their length, your pants can’t get dirty even if you handle messy jobs like mopping.

  • Cobbler apron

These are aprons for back and front coverage. While they resemble bib aprons, the difference lies in the coverage, as mentioned. It has adjustable sides to either make them loose or snug.

They are also called smock aprons. However, their length reaches the mid-thigh or the waist. You can use these aprons in housekeeping, schools, bakeries, and hospitals.

  • Tuxedo Apron

Tuxedo aprons have a V-shaped neck to give them an elegant appearance. They are a highly fashionable edition of the ordinary bib apron. You could pair them with a bow tie and a white button-down long-sleeved shirt.

Waiters who work in front house restaurants can use Tuxedo aprons. It enhances their elegance, especially in dining apartments. It could also be excellent for catered events.

  • Dishwasher Apron

Dishwasher aprons are great for use in areas where one can get large splashes of water. That could be a dish room where you do washing frequently. The designs of these aprons come in full-length, and they lengthen past your knees.

Some of these aprons are resistant to heat because of their heat resistant materials. Others are resistant to water and can protect your clothes from water, dirt, and spills from grease. Unlike the other aprons, you need to clean these by wiping them using a clean rag.

In conclusion, aprons are essential commodities for anyone who uses the kitchen. Having in mind that cooking can leave you with tough stains; it would be great if you had aprons to protect you.

Besides that, they also help you have a safe working environment. Since there are many types of aprons, consider your needs first before buying them.


👩‍🍳 1. What is the use of an apron?

An apron is a piece of cloth made from fabric and is used for protective purposes. It can cover both your back and front areas.

Restaurant workers wear them to stay clean. Others put them on to protect their bodies from injury or clothes from getting dirty.

👩‍🍳 2. What do we call half an apron?

We can call half an apron a server apron. These aprons are short; hence they cover your hip segment. They are short, so make sure that your legs move easily and freely.

These aprons have front pockets that you can put in small items like pads and pens. Most people who do hospitality and catering use these aprons.

👩‍🍳 3 .Why should I have an apron?

You must get an apron because it protects you from many risks. For example, it ensures that your outfit doesn’t get in contact with chemicals, germs, hair, and dust. It’s better to prevent these risks than solving the problem.

👩‍🍳 4. Do we use aprons for personal safety or food safety?

In the kitchen, we wear aprons for food safety. You should maintain them well, just like any other tool. Change them once they get dirty and wash them. You can as well opt for disposable aprons.

👩‍🍳 5. Can chefs wear aprons?

Chef wears aprons because they need to protect their mid-sections and jackets from spills. Chefs used to wear them to protect them as a safety measure while cooking. Currently, they wear them to keep everything clean.

👩‍🍳 6. How many times can you change your apron?

Are you using an apron made from plastic or paper? If yes, you need to change them two times daily. Depending on your type of duties, you might even turn them hourly.

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