Would you like to gift your loved one with a beer mug for their favourite drink? With the many brands out there, choosing the best beer mug can be confusing. You might wonder whether you should select a copper mug or a set of matching beer glasses.

There are many options in the market that might sound confusing. To narrow down your search, we have compiled some suggestions to help you choose the best beer mug. Read the review below to find out the best fit.

The Best Beer Mug


What’s the best beer mug?

When choosing beer glasses, it’s crucial to consider their visibility. The clear and clean glass shows off the delicate colours. Do not forget to check the shape of the glass. On the lips, the glass needs to taper outwards.

Tulip glasses have this feature that provides stability for a foamy head. Durability is also a crucial factor.

The glass should be thick enough to withstand toasts during celebrations. You can also choose a glass with an insulated handle. This enables the warmth in your hands not to pass through it. Otherwise, it might interfere with the temperature of your beer.

Find below the best beer mugs:

1. Beer mug for freezer Libbey Heidelberg

Take your favourite drink in style with the Libbey Heidelberg beer mugs. These glasses come in a set of four. They can as well hold up to 16 ounces of beer. With their design, your beer can stay cold for a longer time and maintain its flavor.

If you are going to plan bachelors’ parties, these are great glasses to use for cold drinks. They are free from Lead and are durable. They also have a German style and are great for serving drinks in a traditional style.

2. Beer mug set HB Hofbrauhaus Munchen

Have you ever imagined using a dimpled glass beer? The Hofbrauhaus will thrill you due to its unique design and usefulness. It’s a lightweight glass beer that weighs less than 3 pounds.

It manufactured in Europe and imported from Hofbrauhaus in Germany. This cute German dimpled glass beer has an HB logo. Below the logo, there is “Hofbrauhaus Munchen.

3. Beer mug insulated Stainless steel XPak

Are you looking for a spill-resistant beer mug? The Stainless steel beer mug might be a great fit. This mug is not only beautiful but also has a double wall of vacuum insulation. It’s a durable glass that can withstand toasting. Due to its padding, it keeps the beer cold. Even if your hands are warm, it won’t affect the temperature of your drink. It can carry a capacity of 20 ounces and also weighs 75lbs.

4. Norse Tradesman Genuine Viking Drinking Horn mug

If you are looking for an attractive yet long-lasting and affordable beer glass, the Norse tradesman could be a great choice. It has a beautiful color pattern and exceptional shape. It comes in different sizes, like the large and extra-large.

The large one can carry 16 oz while the extra-large can carry 32 oz. The best thing is that they have a one year warranty after purchase. It’s a high-quality beer glass handcrafted with skilled artisans.

5. Funny Beer Glasses Gelid

Here is yet another excellent gift idea you could use to put a smile on someone’s face. Just like the name suggests, this beer tastes a lot like I am not going to work tomorrow is the epitome of enjoying cold beverages.

It’s a 15 oz beer mug that has an excellent design to show off different beverages. There’s no doubt that it has high-quality material since it doesn’t fade. Should you be unsatisfied with this glass, it has a 100% money-back guarantee.

6. Stanley Beer Mug

Would you like something to use on an evening party beverage? The Stanley Accessories 24 oz will not disappoint you. Just like the other models, it has a well-insulated handle that ensures your hands don’t sweat. All this is important to stop affecting the temperature of your cold drink.

It can, therefore, maintain the coldness of your beer until 7 hours. With its masked lip, you have a smooth drinking surface to enjoy your beverage. It’s also easy to carry, thanks to its heavy-duty handle.

A brief history of beer mugs


When people drank beer in the past, they used to use beer mugs made from clay. After all, almost all utensils used those days were made from clay and wood. They depended on the available resources.

Later, they advanced and started using beer mugs made of wood and horn as well. They looked great and stylish in those days.

However, this didn’t go on for a long time. The wooden beer mugs would form small cracks after the using them for a long time. It was also a host for the growth of bacteria as it wouldn’t dry fast after getting in contact with any fluid.

Besides that, wooden beer mugs would also take away the aroma and flavor from some beers and beverages. This would destroy the smell of beer. For this reason, they had to invent another solution.

During the 14th and 15th centuries, they came up with metallic beer bugs. However, this was a bit expensive in those days. Only those who could afford them were able to use it. It, however, turned out that the metallic vessel wasn’t good enough.

It would leave a metallic taste on beer. This was another issue again with beer users. There were some which were made from lead. Lead is a dangerous metal, and it would lead to poisoning. During those days, there were no measures taken to safeguard utensils made from Lead.

Currently, most items made from lead are not poisonous as they are free from it. It’s essential to read through any product description from any product made from the lead before buying it.

With time, manufacturers started making beer mugs from pewter. This was a cheaper option, even to those of low class. Up to now, glass is the primary material for making any drinking vessel, including beer.

It is the best because it doesn’t’ interfere with any flavors or leave an unwanted taste on drinks. Manufacturers are now using glass to make many shapes of beer mugs. That’s why today, we have a variety of choices to make when choosing these mugs.

Why would beer mug shape matter?

The aroma and taste of the beer are essential. Without them, beer wouldn’t be good enough. Did you know that the shape of the mug affects its taste and flavor while drinking? Here’s why.

There is this familiar term you may have come across while taking beer, which is the head. The foamy white-colored substance that appears when you pour beer on top of the glass is what we call the header. This substance traps volatiles in the beer. Volatiles are released by compounds and grains in the beer and foam, an aroma.

That aroma is what everyone who drinks needs to enjoy it. The head should, therefore, be retained longer to help you get the smell. You can maintain it only of the shape offers space and conditions for that. Beer glassware should be designed in a way that the form retains the head.

Types of beer glasses


As a beer geek, one kind of beer glass may not be enough. Here are some examples of beer glasses you may want to know.

  • The traditional pint glass

The conventional pint glasses support a frothy head since they have a wide mouth. While they look traditional, they provide a bright beer presentation. They are also called shaker glasses. There are various kinds of pint glasses. One of the most common types is the American pint glass.

Most beer restaurants serve using it. Besides having a wide mouth, it has a thin cylindrical shape. This shape widens as it goes up. It can hold up to 16 oz of drinks. This is an affordable glass and can be used to drink different types of beers.

  • The flute beer glass

A flute glass has a long narrow body that aids the aroma of beer not to dissipate quickly. Most people love using flute beer glasses for drinking carbonated drinks. This long shape also helps the aroma of the beer not to get out in the air fast before you enjoy it.

Flute glasses also have a long stem that you can hold. The stem is crucial to prevent the warmth of your hands from reaching the cold drink. This is important in letting the beer stay cold before your warmth heats it. You can drink a variety of beers from the flute glass.

  • Weizen glass

Weizen is a German name meaning wheat. Most people confuse pint glasses with Weizen glasses. However, Weizen glasses tend to be taller than pint glasses. They also have a curved profile, which is crucial to trap the yeast at the bottom and other sediments. Their mouths are wide, which captures the aroma of the beer.

The thin walls are crucial for showing off the golden color and head of the beer. This is the best beer glass for serving wheat beers like white ale and goes. These glasses can carry a beer capacity of half a litre or 17 ounces.

  • Mug of stein

Stein is an English word for conventional beer mugs that were made out of stoneware. It can hold a capacity of up to half a litre of the full liter. This beer stein mug has tall panels running from their top to the base. Their thumb grip is also textured on top so that you can easily handle it while enjoying your drink.

  • Goblet glass

Goblet glasses are large and have a bowl shape and a thick base. They also have a wide opening on top, which is crucial in absorbing the flavor of the beer. This large beer mug is great for malty heavy beers.  You can find it in various sizes. The goblet has almost similar features with the chalice glass. There is a difference in their thickness.

The chalice tends to have a thicker wall. Their thick and long stem helps to keep your beer cold despite the warmth on your hands. Their wide top encourages bigger sips of beer. Most goblets are decorated with either silver or gold inlay.

  • Snifter beer glass

Do you have specialty beers you would like to serve? The snifter beer glass is all you need. With its curved shape, you will not lose the aroma and flavor of your beer. It’s best for cognac and brandy drinkers. You can also use it to take strong beers like Belgian IPAS and imperial IPAS.

These glasses have a large bowl on top of their footed stems. This bowl can fit your hands perfectly. Due to the size of the glass, you can quickly swirl the drink, which improves the aroma as you drink. It would be great if you don’t fill it to the brim.

  • Tulip glass

Are you thinking of the best glasses for strong and sour beers? The Tulip glass is excellent, especially if you want to drink French Ales and Belgian beer. It is also called the Belgian glass. This beer glass got its name from the tulip flower.

With its rounded bowl, it’s easy to hold and also swirl the contents. It has a close resemblance to that flower. This is an ideal shape for sustaining the head and the aroma of the drink.

  • Stange glasses

Stange glasses are awesome beer mugs with great looks. They were traditionally used to drink beer in Germany. Stange glasses are also called “champagne flute” due to their light shape. They have an asymmetrical shape that suits most beers. They also have a narrow opening to help it hold aromas of delicate beers for a longer time.

They are great for dry and light beers because they have a lightweight. Their bottom is thick while their sidewalls are thin. They are also tall and narrow but sturdy enough to withstand toasting. Most people use it to serve Altbier, Pilsner, Rye, and Bock.

Why frost a mug?

Frosting a beer mug is an ideal solution, especially if you have stored beer at home. Many U.S.A households have always done this, but others don’t agree with it. However, some experts suggest that some U.S.A consumers tend to drink it at very temperatures so that they can enjoy it. The truth is that freezing beer mug is a solution for enjoying a beer at home.

A frosting glass reduces the temperature from room temperature to 48 degrees Fin just 2 minutes. This is important to help you enjoy your glass of beer whenever you need it.


🍺 1. What is a beer mug?

A beer mug is a standard-sized glass that has a handle to hold while drinking beer. A beer stein is a traditional beer mug that is made from stoneware.

🍺 2. What are the uses of beer mugs?

Beer mugs have insulated thick walls. This is crucial in preventing your hands from warming them and interfering with their original temperature. Their thick and study walls are also vital to withstand toasting during parties. Finally, beer mugs are used to maintain the aroma and head of the beer.

🍺 3. What is the reason behind the dimples on beer mugs?

Dimples on beer mugs make it easier to wash them. However, modern drinkers don’t care much about traditional dimples. They never cared that the handle on these mugs is to help the drink stay cool.

🍺 4. What can we call a pint glass with a handle?

Pint glass with a handle can also be called a shaker pint, a dimple mugs, or jug glasses. These glasses are designed with a grid pattern of thick glass.

🍺 5. What is a tulip glass?

A tulip glass is also called a Belgian glass. It has a flared flip and a bulbous body. Its design helps to capture the head and maintain the aroma.

🍺 6. Why does beer taste different in a glass?

Most people enjoy the flavor when taken in a glass. But why does this happen? The secret lies between the aroma that it produces. When you pour beer in a glass, its carbonation is activated. This carbonation becomes the head and gives that desired classic look.

🍺 7. What is the reason behind the heaviness of beer mugs?

Most beer glasses are thick because impurities weaken a glass. Beer mugs should, therefore, be thick so that they can withstand the everyday problems of beer drinkers.

It’s evident that you cannot use beer on any type of glass. Beer mugs tend to have a thicker wall compared to other types of mugs. The shape of the mug also matters because of the aroma of the beer.

Most beer mugs have insulated walls to prevent your hands from affecting their initial temperature. From the above recommendations, we hope that you can now make the best choice.

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