Sometimes you need an excellent bread knife to achieve a perfect cut on your bread. After all, shape matters after nicely baking it. However, you might have searched for bread knives only to get minimal options that didn’t look appealing.

This makes you wonder what to look for to get an ideal knife. You might get some but then realize that they are not sharp. Since they have a serrated edge, it also becomes a challenge to sharpen it.

Your search is over since this post will help you choose the best bread knife. Keep reading to find out more.

Best bread knife


What’s the best bread knife?

When cooking at home, you will realize that you don’t just need a breadknife alone. You need a chef’s knife which you will use for daily chopping tasks and also a paring knife.

This will deal with precision work. How about having one that can perform both the tasks of a chef knife and a bread knife?

You will also need a high-quality knife with a serrated blade for cutting bread. Besides cutting bread, a bread knife is serrated and can cut tough-skinned fruits like pineapple.

It can also cut other vegetables like butternut squash, helping you to create excellent thin slices.

A perfect bread knife is, therefore, the serrated one, and you can use it for other cutting tasks at home.

With such a blade, it can easily cut a sandwich, bread, cake, or tomatoes. A perfect bread knife brand should have an easy to grip and comfortable handle.

Most bread knives have a plastic handle, which tends to have an ergonomic design. Plastic handles are also more comfortable compared to steel handles.

Besides that, a good bread knife should have a great design and be affordable as well.

Here is a brief suggestion of some best bread knives with perfect quality.

1. Dalstrong Bread knife Shogun series-Damascus

Get yourself a bread knife that not only has an elegant design but also offers you the best cutting experience. There’s no doubt that the Dalstrong Breadknife Shogun series-Damascus is a professional bread knife for wide loaves of bread.

It can cut through loaves of bread with thick crusts, hard crusts, and soft ones perfectly. Unlike other typical kitchen knives, this knife cuts through bread without leaving bread crumbs.

With a single stroke, you can cut very thin slices of bread thanks to the extra-long blade. This bread knife is made with high-quality materials that not only give it a premium design but excellent performance too.

Besides cutting bread, you can use it to chop vegetables like cabbages, boneless hams, and large fruits. Be sure to have superior hand control, thanks to the ergonomic handle shape.

2.  Zwilling J.A Henckels bread knife International Forged Premio

It’s yet another time that you should enjoy cutting your bread with confidence. The J.A. Henkeles international bread knife gives you more than what you expected.

Being made from high-quality stainless steel from German, this knife helps you cut very thin and neat bread slices. It’s also durable and doesn’t leave your table with bread crusts while cutting the bread.

This is also a stylish bread knife with a triple-rivet, which makes it comfortable to use. With this blade, you don’t have to worry about bluntness because it stays sharp for long.

You can wash it on your dishwasher as it is dishwasher safe. It also has a full tang that makes the knife longer, adding its strength and balance. You can also use it in peeling fruits, thanks to its satin-finish and stainless steel.

3. Shun Kanso Bread Knife, 9 Inch

You need a bread knife that is not only strong but also gives you balance while cutting. The Shun bread knife Japanese Stainless Serrations will not let you down in this.

You won’t have any unnecessary bread crumbs while cutting, thanks to its full tang blade. Because of this blade and the wide serrations, also ensure that you have smoother slices.

Besides being a good cutting knife, its beauty is on another level. This knife maintains an ancient tradition, thanks to its handcrafted quality.

This knife is made from premium material; that’s why avid home cooks find it efficient. With its thin blades, it sharpens and offers you a long-lasting edge.

4. Bread knife 12 inches serrated BOLEX

As the name suggests, this is a 12-inch bread knife with an ergonomic handle. Besides bread, you can use it to cut cakes, bagel, and other crusty pastries.

This blade won’t let you down because it is sharp and has small waves that make it more effective.

It, therefore, makes it easy to cut bread quickly. The stainless steel used to make this bread knife also helps you to clean it easily either with your hand or with a dishwasher.

Since steel is a durable material, it lasts long before you think of buying another one. This is a multi-functional knife that you can also use to cut pineapple and soft fruits like tomatoes besides pastries.

Being a 12-inch blade, you can cut any size of bread and fruits by moving the knife forward and backward. You can now cut your bread safely and comfortably.

With such a length of the blade, it’s possible to use it to cut tough fruits and vegetables like butternut.

5. Bread knife 10 inches serrated Mercer Culinary

If you are looking for a breadknife with superior quality, you might be thrilled to use the Bread knife 10 inches serrated Mercer Culinary.

This knife has a length of 10 inches, which also makes it cut forward and backward on any size of the bread.

Be sure to get maximum comfort while holding its ergonomic handle. This type of handle also helps it last longer, even after frequent use. It’s also durable, thanks to its high-quality Japanese steel material.

With its razor-sharp blade, you can use it to cut tough fruits and vegetables, aside from cutting bread. It’s slip resistance, thanks to its textured finger points.

Being a stain-resistant knife, you do not have to struggle to wash it. It’s, therefore, easy to maintain it. The reason why its handle is comfortable to use is that it’s made with a mixture of polypropylene and Santoprene.

You can hand wash to take proper care of is surface and blade.

6. Bread knife Bow Out-Woods Oregon 10101-7

If you are looking for a bread knife that is slightly longer than the previous versions, this might be the best fit. Bread knife Bow Out-Woods Oregon 10101-7 has a length of 16 inches, which improves its cutting ability.

Be sure to get thin and neat slices of bread, thanks to the ultra-thin and serrated blade. This is an oven bread maker is 16 inches in length but has a cutting length of 9 inches.

With this, you can cut any kind of bread, whether it’s warm from the oven or crusty dough. The industrial bread slices use this type of blade to cut many slices of bread per day.

Even though this bread knife comes with a handle for right-handed people, there is a version for left-handed people available. You can slice the bread either in thick, thin, or medium size because of the full slicing channel between the handle and the blade.

7. Bread knife ceramic Kyocera Advanced

Here is yet another advanced bread knife with superior features you might want to use. The Bread knife ceramic Kyocera Advanced is a slicing knife with a black blade.

Home professionals enjoy using it in their meal preparations. One of the most loved features of this bread knife is its lightweight, which makes it easy to use.

These knives are comfortable to use, making you have less fatigue on your wrists and hands while slicing your bread.

If you are planning to get straight cuts from vegetables and fruits, it would be great if you used them. Try to use them with a wooden or plastic cutting board to achieve perfect slices.

This knife is also dishwasher safe, but you will need to separate it from other metal utensils. The exceptional quality makes it last longer, thanks to the ceramic material used to manufacture its blade.

8. Bread knife for homemade bread ORBLUE Serrated Ultra Shape Stainless cutter

Are you wondering if there’s any bread knife you can use to cut thick loaves without struggling? Maybe you need the ORBLUE Serrated Ultra Shape Stainless cutter. This bread knife is perfect for slicing bagels, cake, and bread.

It’s a versatile knife with multi-functional use. If you have any other fruits that need to be cut like tomatoes, it’s the ideal knife to use. It will perfectly slice them without interfering with their shape.

Your hand size doesn’t matter anymore. This knife’s ergonomic design is the reason why you can comfortably hold it without feeling tired while cutting.

You will use less energy to slice things since it can fit on any size of the hand. Since it’s an ultra-sharp knife with a serrated edge, it provides a clean cut.

It can withstand everyday use because it is durable thanks to its stainless steel material.

9. Bread knife for Homemade bread Victorinox Swiss Army 10-1/4

Are you looking for versatility in a bread knife? You deserve something that you can not only use in cutting bread but also other fruits and vegetables in the kitchen.

The Bread knife for Homemade bread Victorinox Swiss Army 10-1/4 will meet all your needs, thanks to its multi-functional nature. It can cut a wide variety of cakes, bread, and sandwiches. Besides that, it slices tomatoes and other fruits like watermelons effectively.

If you have any roasts, it’s all you need to cut them into smaller pieces. As for eggplant pitches, it’s the best as it slices them well despite their delicate nature. Most kitchen bloggers recommend this serrated knife to cut hard fruits, thanks to its sharp razor blade.

What makes this knife stand out is its curved blade. It’s the reason why you can comfortably use it to slice soft vegetables and fruits neatly. The curved blade also gives it a great design that makes your cutlery look great.

10. Bread knife for Homemade bread Zulay Serrated Bread Knife

Make your bread at home and slice it perfectly with the Zulay serrated Bread knife. This is an 8-inch knife that not only has a sharp razor blade but also light in weight.

For this reason, you can comfortably cut as many slices as possible without feeling tired on your wrists.

Being made from stainless steel, it’s all you need if you are looking for a long-lasting bread knife. It’s a versatile bread knife that you can use to cut vegetables and fruits besides bread.

Its simplicity and ease of use is the reason why most kitchen enthusiasts love it. It can slice almost anything. It’s safe to use, thanks to the rubber safety guard that comes with the tip.

This knife is also resistant to rust, thanks to the stainless steel material used to make it. It’s an excellent cake knife for wedding and birthday cakes.

You can now be sure of making your bread at home professionally, and the shape of slices will still be presentable.

11. Bread knife for Homemade bread Wusthof Bread Knife

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Cut your bread as you protect the interior crust with the Wusthof Bread knife. This is a double serrated knife measuring 9 inches in length. If you were looking for a slightly shorter blade, this would be the best.

Your wrists won’t get tired should you plan to do a lot of cutting tasks in the kitchen.

It can cut through hard crusts and tough skins of fruits and vegetables as it leaves their soft interiors protected.

The serrated blade is sharp enough that you won’t need to sharpen it again. It also has deeper scallops, which makes it stay sharp even after frequent use.

This knife’s handle is slim and also light in weight to help you cut anything comfortably. Besides that, the handle is stunning, making your kitchen look beautiful.

12. Ceramic Bread knife Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series

Here’s another 7-inch knife that will simplify your cutting experience in the kitchen. Just like the 9-inch knife above, this is even shorter and more effective for those looking for a shorter length.

The Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series is all you need if you frequently prepare meats, boneless fish, vegetables, and fruits, thanks to its serrated blade.

This knife is useful in repetitive slicing tasks and doesn’t get blunt. You won’t also feel fatigued regardless of the number of fruits and vegetables you cut.

However, unlike other knives, this one is not meant for cutting hard stuff that involves twisting. It can’t cut through hard and big things due to its short length.

Its dishwasher safe but you will need to put it on the top rack, away from other metal utensils.

You need to use them on a cutting board made from wood or plastic. The ceramic blade of this knife makes it last long and bring beauty to your kitchen too.

What to look for when buying a bread knife

bread knife

During your search for a bread knife, you will come across many brands. Surprisingly, most of them will look appealing. However, their quality may differ.

You may buy one which may end up breaking down quickly due to weak handles, among other factors. Another one may not give you accurate cuts due to issues with its serration.

Choosing one can be tricky. However, you can still settle for the best if you consider certain factors. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Blade length

It’s crucial to check the length of the blade before buying any knife. It’s the blades that determine how well you are going to cut your vegetables and bread.

Remember, large loaves of bread might need a longer blade. For this reason, a knife with a blade measuring 10 inches or more would be ideal.

However, your hands may be quite small, and you may not be comfortable to hold knives with long blades. If that is the case, then consider looking for those measuring 7 to 8 inches.

We have mentioned some brands above with varying blade sizes, and you can choose from them depending on your needs.

  • Serration

The serration of your knife is crucial because it determines the slicing ability of your knife. The difference between these kitchen knives lies in their serration.

It’s the high points of the knife’s serration that will touch the bread or vegetable first.

You need to get a knife with deeper but lesser serrations.

Knives with such features cut bread better without spoiling their shape. They also help you to avoid having too much bread crumbs.

Besides that, deeper serrations also help you to use less force while cutting bread and vegetables.

  • Blade material

The material that was used to construct the blade determines its durability and ability to stay sharp. You will realize that most knife blades are made from stainless steel.

However, not all stainless steel materials are created equal. It would be great if you choose the one with a molybdenum-vanadium steel alloy or choose the one with a high carbon option.

The good thing about steel is that it is not only durable but also resistant to rust. Blades made from steel don’t quickly get blunt or break down.

  • Handle material

The material of the blade cannot be the same as that on the handle. However, some knives have the same handle material with the blade that is steel.

A knife can either have a handle made of steel, wood, or plastic. Let’s have a look at each material.

  • Steel

We are used to seeing many knives having steel blades and a different handle. However, steel can still be used to make a knife handle. It is made in such a way that it’s comfortable and easy to hold.

This improves maneuverability as you cut vegetables and bread. Knives with a steel handle are strong and great for slicing tough fruits like pineapples and watermelons.

  • Wood

Knives made of wood handle tend to be more comfortable to use compared to those made of steel. They are also softer than steel handles. Their only drawback is that they tend to be quite porous.

Therefore washing them can be quite a challenge. Wood can also be a host of bacteria if it doesn’t dry thoroughly due to its porous nature.

  • Plastic

Most knives with ergonomic shapes have handles made of plastic. This is because it’s easy to mold plastic into different shapes.

Knives with plastic handles are comfortable and have a superior grip. They are also easy to clean and last long.

  • Ease of use

How comfortable a knife is when using is a crucial factor to consider. You may experience pain and discomfort when using some knives.

This might occur, especially when you use them to cut fruits with tough peels like pineapple and vegetables like butternut.

However, if you use knives with a considerable blade length like 10 inches, it becomes easy to use them. Your wrists won’t get tired even after using them continuously.

  • Budget

How much are you willing to spend on the bread knife? Remember, bread knives come with different prices. But don’t be tempted to go for a cheap knife due to your low budget.

Quality comes first. Some are slightly expensive, while others have affordable prices. It would be great if you analyzed your budget and look for the knives falling within it.

For example, you can have a look at the suggested knives above and choose the one you can afford.

  • Appearance

Did you know that the outlook of your knife can affect the aesthetics of your kitchen? For example, if you are going to use it to cut a wedding or birthday cake, it needs to be attractive.

This makes everything presentable, including the cake. Besides other factors, try to look at the appearance of the knife.

Why you need a bread knife


A bread knife has many surprising uses. Besides cutting bread, you can also use it to cut other stuff at home. Below are some of them.

  • Cutting tomatoes

Did you know that a bread knife can be an excellent tool for cutting tomatoes without crushing them?

Just the way it helps you achieve neat bread slices, it’s the same way it can cut through soft fruits like tomatoes.

  • Slicing chocolate

If you have ever tried cutting chocolate using your hands, you know how it can melt so fast. On the other hand, it quite challenging to achieve neatly cut chocolate using a regular knife.

However, serrated bread knives can do the magic of cutting chocolate into many neat sizes.

  • Taking the rind of melons

Have you ever tried cutting watermelon? The outer part tends to be quite hard. The rinds are even tougher. Serrated knives can be the best solution for cutting them. You can use them to take off the rinds before slicing them.

  • Cutting cake

A cake can be a delicate pastry, yet you need to cut it neatly for presentation purposes. A bread knife is gentle and can cut it nicely without destroying it into shreds.

Different types of bread knives

While there are various brands of bread knives, we can as well group them into multiple categories. Below are different types of bread knives.

  • Electric bread knife

Electric bread knives are the ones that use electricity and a motor to move their blades forward and backward. In most cases, these bread knives are excellent in doing bulky work. They are easy to use and also fast.

  • One-piece knives

These types of bread knives are made from one piece of steel, just as their name suggests. With this type of construction, it’s easy to operate them as they are stable.

  • Offset knives

If you are struggling with straining wrists, these are the types of knives to use. They have been made with a blade that is offset from their handle. This helps you to strain less while using them.

  • Full tang knives

Full tang knives are the ones that have a solid metal piece running through their handle. These knives also have two pieces of wood that are pinned on one of the sides of their handle.

A bread knife is a versatile kitchen equipment that you can miss. If you bake frequently, it would be great to arm yourself with it to achieve perfect slices.

Final verdict

The best thing about a bread knife is that you can also use it to slice melon rinds and cut tomatoes other than cutting bread. The serrated blades are the reason why it helps you achieve perfect slices.

When buying this type of knives, ensure that you check the material used to make their blade and handle too. Steel is the best material for the blade.

As for the handle, it would be great if you opted for the one made from plastic. Most plastic bread knives are stylish and have a comfortable handle.

Lastly, your budget matters because you can only buy what you can afford. But it wouldn’t be wise to rush for cheap bread knives. Analyze their quality first and find out if they fit your needs.

We have made some great suggestions for bread knives that you can choose from. Check the list and select one of them.


🥖 1. What is the function of a bread knife?

The primary function of a bread knife is cutting bread. However, it also has many other uses that chefs use in the kitchen. It can cut through delicate vegetables and soft fruits, yet it won’t crush them completely.

The reason why they are exceptional from other types of knives is their specially made serrated blades and their length too.

They are capable of cutting bread and cakes without crushing them. They help you achieve neat slices, thanks to their thin serrated blades.

🥖 2. Why are bread knives serrated?

There are many reasons why bread knives are serrated. The main point of their serrated design is to increase their cutting surface.

The serrated knives have their niche cutting edge from being blunt.

With their serrated blades, they can easily penetrate through your bread and soft fruits without using much force.

🥖 3. How does a bread knife look like?

If you want to identify a bread knife, look at its shape. It is straight, and its handle goes in line with the blade. However, there are bread knives that have blades that have been placed lower than their handle.

Most of these knives are thin to protect your fingers and improve your cutting experience. You can also identify them by checking their serrated blade. There’s no single bread knife that doesn’t have a serrated blade.

🥖 4. Is it possible to sharpen a serrated knife?

Even though most serrated bread knives are razor sharp and last long, it’s still possible to sharpen them. If you notice it has started getting blunt, try to sharpen it immediately.

However, you shouldn’t do this often. The pointed teeth of a serrated knife do the majority of the work.

The blade is serrated, which helps it not to be exposed to friction, which makes it stays sharper for a longer time. Therefore the reason why these knives are sharp is due to their serrated blades.

🥖 5. Is it necessary for me to have a bread knife?

Yes, you need a bread knife in your kitchen, especially if you bake bread often. It’s the only way you can achieve perfect slices unless shape doesn’t matter to you.

A knife with a longer blade makes it easy for you to slice your bread, especially a large loaf. It also helps you slice other fruits into neat pieces.

Their serration makes it possible to cut through the crust without destroying the shape. Besides cutting bread and cakes, you can also use it to cut soft fruits like tomatoes and hard ones like melons.

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