When you frequently wash your dishes with your hands, dish soap is a necessity. Since hand washing is manual, you should get the one that makes your work easier.

There are many dish detergents out there in the market. Unfortunately, most of them are not of good quality and can slide off whatever dishes you put them to.

From experience, you might have used some of them, and they left your skin irritated and dry and itchy.

This might make you wonder if there’s any suitable dish detergent out there worth your money. This article will help you select the best dish soap to meet your hand-washing needs.

Best Dish soap


What’s the best dish soap?

It’s quite easy to determine high-quality dish wash soap. The first thing to note is that the brand should leave plates that are nearly squeaky clean after cleaning.

They should have a combination of safety, cleaning power, affordable price, and social responsibility.

To achieve adequate cleaning power, you need eco-friendly best-rated dish soap and also free from the scent. Scent-free dish soap is environmentally friendly and safe for use.

Fortunately, you can get brands of dish soaps with these qualities out there in the market.

Here are some of our recommendations for the best dish soap you can choose.

1.  Seventh Generation Dish Soap, Liquid Citrus

Wash your dishes in style with Seventh generation Dish Soap, Liquid Citrus dish soap. Being made with plant-based ingredients, it’s safe for washing utensils.

This liquid dish soap leaves your dishes fresh, thanks to its citrus scent made with botanical ingredients and 100% essential oils. Furthermore, this dishwasher has no synthetic fragrances or dyes, even though it has a sweet scent.

Being certified by USDA to be a Bio-based product, you don’t need to worry about its safety.

2.  Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Liquid Dish Soap Lemon Verbena

If you are worried about grease in your dishes, here’s an excellent solution for you. Mrs. Meters Clean Day Liquid Dish Soap Lemon Verbena keeps your dishes clean and bright thanks to its ingredients that eliminate grease.

Its citrus scent brings a refreshing effect making your dishes ready to be used again. You can use it to hand-wash your pans, pots, and plates.

Besides Verbena, it also comes in other garden inspired scents. It’s safe since it’s made without any parabens.

3.  Method Dish soap Pump Minerals

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Here’s yet another excellent dishwashing soap that fights grease like a beast. The Method Dish soap Pump cleans your dish as you expected with just a squirt on the sponge.

You can as well apply it to the sink directly. It cleans hardened grease stuck on your plate instantly. You will get this dish soap with an easy dispensing pump, which makes it easy to use.

Even when you are using hard water, there’s no need to worry. It will still foam and clean any oily surface without leaving any residues.

4.  Dish soap concentrate Palmolive Ultra Dish Soap Oxy power Degreaser

Here’s your family’s favorite dish cleaner that will give you a smooth hand washing experience during your cleaning tasks in the kitchen. The Dish soap concentrate Palmolive Ultra is all you need to clean up that mess even after cooking your favorite cheesy casserole.

It doesn’t matter how greasy the meal you previously prepared was. This dish soap will help you clean them with ease. It’s Phosphate-free and also soft on hands.

You cannot experience dry hands and irritating skin after using it. Being made from essential oils and other natural ingredients, it’s safe to use as it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.

5.  Dish soap fragrance-free Palmolive Ultra

Are you looking for biodegradable dish soap to clean your dishes? Get yourself the dish soap fragrance frees Palmolive Ultra to meet your washing needs.

No residue will be left in your dishes as other typical dish soaps do. This is your choice if you often use grease and are looking for an ingredient for cleaning tough oil stains.

It doesn’t have heavy fragrances, something that makes it friendly to use. Besides cleaning your dishes, you can as well use it to clean your kitchen aprons stained with oils and another common.

This is a gentle detergent on your hands, thanks to the eco-friendly ingredients used to manufacture it. It takes care of your skin, leaving you with soft hands.

6.  Dish soap lemon Dawn Pure essentials Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap

If you are looking for dish wash soap with lemon essence, this is the way to go. The Dish soap lemon Dawn Pure essentials is a liquid dishwashing soap made with essential oils and other necessary ingredients needed for washing dirty dishes.

If you have non-stick cookware, don’t be worried. This liquid detergent cannot scratch any sensitive surface. With its lemon scent, you won’t have any odors on your dishes after cleaning them.

Even though it has some lemon fragrance, it’s still safe to use on your utensils. With this scent, your plates can be clean with no odors of previous foods used on them.

7.  Dish soap organic Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Lemon Verbena

Grease can be an issue on your dishes, but with the right dish wash detergent, it’s not an issue. The Dish soap organic Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Lemon Verbena cleans all grease in plates, leaving them spotlessly clean.

With it’s out of the world scent, your entire kitchen will be fresh and welcoming. This citrus scent is excellent for hand-washing pans, dishes, and pots.

It’s safe to use and effectively cleans grease, thanks to its plant-derived cleaning ingredients. This dish soap also has a slight citrus scent, which aids in keeping your dishes fresh and free from odors.

8.  Dish soap organic Dawn Ultra

The Dish soap Organic Dawn Ultra is a powerful detergent that washes greasy utensils thoroughly. It doesn’t scratch sensitive surfaces or non-stick pans, thanks to its gentle nature.

This is all you need to clean all kitchen cabinets, leaving them free from grease. This is the best cleaning detergent, especially for stainless steel utensils.

It’s a dish soap that also comes with a non-scratch scrubber with double sides. It aids in gentle washing and non-scratch scrubbing.

9.  Dish soap organic Palmolive Ultra Dish Soap

Set your utensils free from grease with the dish soap organic Palmolive Ultra Dish Soap. This is a powerful degreaser that also attacks stains and other hard to clean dirt on your dishes.

While it is tough on grease, it’s soft on your hands. It’s free from Phosphate and made with essential oils. This safe to use liquid cleaning soap can help you handle any mess on your dishes, leaving them odorless.

You shouldn’t worry about any soap residues being left on your dishes after cleaning. This is a high-quality soap that doesn’t release residues that might be left on your plates.

10. Dish soap organic Earth Friendly Products ECOS Dishmate Hypoallergenic

Sometimes your plates may be exposed to perfumes and dyes, making it tough to clean them. You need the dish soap organic Earth Friendly Products ECOS Dish mate Hypoallergenic cleaning liquid to eliminate them.

Don’t be worried about your hands since its gentle on them. It washes tough stains and grease as well. It’s gluten-free, vegan, and hypo-allergic. It’s safe to use, thanks to the natural ingredients used to manufacture it.

Being made of plant-based ingredients; it doesn’t irritate your skin or leave your hands dry. This even makes it safe to be used in the environment as the water disposed of won’t have harmful chemicals.

11. Dish soap organic Babyganics Foaming Dish & Bottle Soap

Are you looking for a fragrance-free detergent for cleaning your dishes? Sometimes you may be allergic, which may cause you to sneeze when you smell any fragrance nearby.

The Baby Ganics Foaming Dish and Bottle soap are all you need. It doesn’t have any strong scents like other strong washing detergents. Baby Ganics is safe to use hence doesn’t irritate your skin.

It’s also made from plant-derived ingredients, which also makes it safe for washing. The Baby Garnics is also formulated without any dyes, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances.

What to consider when buying a dish detergent


There are many brands of dishwasher detergents in the market. Sometimes you might be tempted to go for the one at a low price.

However, your budget shouldn’t always be the first factor to consider.

Below are some crucial factors to put into consideration before buying any dishwasher soap.

The sensitivity of your skin

We react differently to various detergents. If you are lucky enough, your skin may not react to most conventional detergents. However, you may realize that certain detergents with particular ingredients react with your skin.

If you have skin conditions like Eczema, you might want to use a detergent with fewer ingredients and mild scent. Cleansers having ingredients like sulfate can irritate sensitive skin.

Try to avoid them. Besides that, you may also be allergic to some strong scents from detergents and can’t stand them. It’s essential to find out how strong the fragrance is to know whether you can use it comfortably.


You need to be conscious about how that dish soap affects the environment. Check the chemicals used to manufacture it. Are they harsh chemicals?

You will realize that some dish soaps leave a residue of soap after washing on the places where you poured the water. Such dish soaps are not environmentally friendly.

Should you notice that dish soap has chemicals like phosphates and dioxane, don’t use it.

Other chemicals are used in cleaning products, which tend to be harmful to human and animal health. Some can cause skin reactions, asthma, and even cancer.


Dishwasher detergents come in different formulas. There are those made of liquid, tablets, and powder. While most people may think that they are all the same, there’s some difference.

As mentioned earlier in the products above, liquid detergents are great as they don’t leave out any residue on your dishes. However, you need to rinse your dishes after using them thoroughly.


An excellent dishwasher should be under proper packaging to avoid leaking out if it is in liquid form. Should it be in powdered form, it should be well packaged to avoid getting wet and being contaminated.

Powdered detergents can become lumpy when exposed to moisture. It would be great if you ensure that the design of the packaging can keep it in good condition while using it.

Appeals to the senses

What’s your taste in response to the feel and smell of detergents? Some people love specific scents of soaps. A slight smell of the fragrance makes them enjoy whatever they are doing.

Make this process lively by going for something that appeals to you. Some people also prefer plain things with no fragrances. If you are that type of person, you will have other options.

Cleaning ability

Most of your dishes will have oil or grease after using them. Sometimes it’s hard to clean such utensils using regular detergents. You need to ensure that the dish soap has the power to clean them.

Besides that, it should also remove food that has dried on it without so much scrubbing.

Find out from the description if the soap leaves scratches on a non-stick pan. Some dish soap detergents have harsh chemicals that can react with non-stick pan leaving scratches on them.

Benefits of washing dishes by hand

When you wash your dishes by hand, you will have more benefits than you could imagine.

Firstly, your electricity bills will reduce. One of the essential requirements for using a dishwasher is electricity. Washing by hand saves you the electric energy you would have used on a dishwasher.

Washing your dish by hand is safe for the environment. You will need to use detergents that cannot irritate your skin. This means that most of them will have safe ingredients made from organic products.

Using them reduces risks of harsh chemicals that can expose you to health risks like cancer. Hand washing your dishes also means that you will be using less water, which avoids unnecessary wastage.

Hand washing is crucial because it helps you protect the natural finish of your dishes. You will need to dry your dishes after washing them, which allows them not to be affected by the effects of hard water.

Using your hands to wash dishes is also better for delicate dishes. You can handle them with care and avoid unnecessary breakage. Remember, some delicate dishes are too sensitive to high temperatures.

It might be hard to control the heat on the dishwasher. This may cause the plates to crack or even destroy their finish. You can easily take care of this when washing your dishes on the sink.

You need to exercise hand washing your dishes to save yourself from washing your dishes twice. After washing your dishes on the dishwasher, you might need to prewash them.

This happens because they might never come out of the dishwasher 100% clean. In a nutshell, hand washing your dishes saves a lot of time. Once you wash them, you don’t need to counter check whether they are clean.

It might cause you to use over 5 gallons of water in washing a few dishes. It would be great if you hand washed them to save on water bills. In hand washing them, you can regulate the amount of water you use and avoid wastage.

Hand washing your dishes also keeps away harmful electronic waste from your landfill. Any machine is prone to wear and tear one day. The dishwasher can get worn out one day and end up being useless.

Throwing them away leads to landfills, and this pollutes the environment. You should, therefore, consider hand washing as one of the best options.

Hard vs. Soft water


Usually, when you use soap on hard water, it doesn’t produce foam faster that it does on soft water. It’s, therefore, crucial to know the difference between them so that you can choose effective dish soap.

Hard water contains various minerals, like magnesium and calcium. Soft water, on the other hand, is free from these minerals except sodium.

If you have ever used rainwater to wash, you will realize that it easily foams and helps you clean faster. This is because it has fewer minerals. Water from rain is soft water only that it gets some minerals when coming to the ground in the water cycle.

That’s the reason why doing any foam of cleaning, whether washing dishes or clothes, is more comfortable with soft water.

Sometimes when you wash your glassware with hard water, you might notice some spots on them. This might also happen to your clothes.

After washing them, you may see some grayish patches and wonder if you cleaned them properly at all. But with soft water, you are sure that it will not leave any stains on your clothes or utensils.

It’s due to the minerals on hard water.

Hard water might be useful to drink if it’s clean due to the added minerals, but it can be tough when you use it to clean. It’s therefore advisable to clean your dishes with soft water.

There are many ways of making hard water soft. One of them is through boiling, and the other one is treating it.

Choosing the best dish soap shouldn’t be a challenge anymore. You should first find out the ingredients used to manufacture it. Ensure that it’s not made from harsh chemicals.

Even if you have a dishwasher, it would be great to use your hands to wash them when you have time. It helps you clean them thoroughly and also handle delicate utensils.

The above recommendations are some of the safest and most effective dish soaps we found. You could give them a try and see the outcome.


🧼 1. What are the components used to make dish soap?

Dish soap is made from necessary ingredients like preservatives, colors, surfactants, inactive ingredients, and active ingredients as well.

🧼2. What is the dish soap?

Dish soap is a dish washing liquid. It is also called a dishwashing detergent, dishwashing soap, dish detergent or dish soap. It is made to assist in washing dishes.

Besides washing dishes, you can use dish soap to do other informal practices like washing clothes, creating bubbles, and cleaning birds that are oil-affected.

🧼3. What’s the right amount of dish soap to use?

Measure one tablespoon full of soap then swirl it around. You don’t have to make it foamy at this stage because you are only diluting it. You can then dip your sponge or dishrag on the bowl and clean them.

With this small amount of soap dish, you can wash a whole sink of dishes.

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