Crushing your peppercorns will never be easy without a top-notch peppermill. You need a well working peppermill that not only works well, but all fits nicely on your shelf.

The peppermill needs to be comfortable to hold if you are going to use a manual one. It should also be easy to use and cost-effective.

Peppermills built with quality materials like stainless steel lasts longer and are reliable. They do not have issues with cleaning or getting rust and losing their original glory.

Since they come in various sizes, you need the one that goes in line with your needs.

After many hours of research based on user experience and customer reviews, below is some crucial information we were able to collect.

We are going to have a look at the best peppermill in the market to help you grind your spices with ease.

Best Peppermill


What is the best peppermill?

Reliable peppermill have a construction ceramic or high carbon steel. Ceramic is a durable material that you can use with steel and salt. Besides lasting long, peppermills made from steel are easy to clean and maintain.

Never choose a peppermill made from acrylic material. Otherwise, it can flake off into your food. A great peppermill is the one that you can hold comfortably and grind the pepper perfectly.

Consider choosing a peppermill that uses a classic grinding method. The top should have a twist. With a simple push of the button, you will get the work done.

Here is our selection of the best pepper mills that can give you awesome results:

1. Pepper Grinder or Salt Shaker for professional Chef

This grinder allows your hands to fit well in it. What makes it easy to use is its adjustable ceramic grinding system that lets you adjust from coarse to fine grinding.

With this grinder, your spices remain fresh for more extended times thanks to its stainless steel cap. Since it is made from ceramic, it lasts long, even after frequent use.

2. Battery operated peppermill grinder CHEW FUN

Grind your pepper with this high-quality pepper grinder made with exceptional design. The Electric Gravity Pepper grinder can accommodate a large number of spices, thanks to its wide mouth spice container. You do not have to use your hands to grind the pepper.

It operates automatically that you will not press any button to make anything done. Choose the coarseness you wish from the many grinding levels. Enjoy the blue LED light from this grinder during your dinnertime as it shines right and gentle.

This is an effective grinder is you are looking forward to grinding your pepper during dinner with blue romantic lights surrounding you.

3. COLE & MASON Stainless Steel Pepper Grinder

If you were looking for a peppermill with a modern design, the COLE & MASON would be of great help. It can blend any form of home décor. This equipment comes with peppercorns and gourmet precision mechanisms.

Depending on the amount of coarseness you need, you can achieve that with the six adjustable coarseness settings. It also has two stages of grinding the shaves and cracks, which help you get the desired flavour.

Besides that, this grinder is durable, saving you from buying one after a short time of using it.

4. COLEMAN & MASON Derwent Pepper Grinder

Get yourself a peppermill made of stylish stainless steel, which makes it easy to maintain. The stainless steel is also durable, something that makes it last longer.

With its modern and unique design, this peppermill can blend with any kitchen décor. Like some other peppermill grinders, it also has six adjustable settings to offer you different grinding levels. This is to help you get the coarseness you love.

It is easy to refill, in that you just have to pull up the top of the pepper grinder and put your peppercorns choice.

5. OXO Salt and Pepper Grinder

Saving time is crucial in your daily endeavours.

You can grind both your pepper and salt using this multi-functional pepper grinder. No worries about getting scratches and rusting quickly because it is made of stainless steel.

Be sure to get all the flavours you need as the bottom of this equipment is made of glass. This makes sure that it does not absorb any flavour. The design is on another level as it fits both table and kitchen use.

Things to consider when buying a peppermill


The best way of getting the right peppermill is by checking certain factors. Below is a list of factors you need to consider.

  • Style

Are you looking for something simple or something with some little sophistication? You need to note that peppermills can have either an ultra-modern or a traditional feature.

For example, there are classic German/Italian peppermills with stylish design made of wooden materials. There are also Greek pepper mills made of heavy aluminium material, among other metals.

Your choice, preference, and taste matter. You might also want to consider the outlook of your kitchen to choose an appropriate design. Remember, the shape of the peppermint is crucial. Some peppermills are made of jet black or plastic and have simple lines.

  • Size

It is essential to check the size of a peppermill to find out whether you will be comfortable with it. Some people feel that they can make a grand statement with a big peppermill.

Others prefer a small one as it is easier to handle. The truth is that you can easily knock down a big peppermill while it is easier to handle a small one. Choose what you feel comfortable handling.

  • Capacity

How much would you like your peppermill to hold? Peppermills have different sizes, depending on their design. Can you imagine the issue of running out of peppercorns when you still need them to season a dish?

It is devastating. If you want something to use at home, you could consider getting a medium of the small peppermill. Maybe you could check ¼ or that with a capacity of 1/8.

For commercial purposes like a using it in a restaurant, consider a bigger peppermill with a capacity of at least 1 to 11/2 cups.

  • Versatility

Peppermills are not just for grinding pepper. You can use them for grinding other things and spices. For example, there are those that can grind salt. We have discussed some of them in the product reviews above.

If you have various needs in mind, it would be great if you choose a versatile peppermint.

  • Durability

Nothing sucks like spending money on a peppermill that does not last long. Unfortunately, that is what happens when you fail to check how durable the grinder is.

You can do this by finding out what type of material was used to construct the grinder.

Keep in mind that you tend to use much force while grinding the pepper or salt. You, therefore, need to have a reliable grinder to withstand all that force.

  • Smooth operation

A peppermill that operates quietly and smoothly makes work more comfortable. Otherwise, grinding can be tedious and a tiresome task. The grinding mechanism should be smooth for ergonomic purposes.

With a smooth grinder, you can get the amount of pepper needed without wasting time or straining. Mills that use stainless steel or heavy carbon steel grinding mechanism will help you have a smooth operation while grinding.

Ceramic grinders offer a great job, too, in helping you operate smoothly as you look for great results.

  • One or two-handed

Are you used to multitasking? If so, the one-handed pepper mill might be much better for you. For example, if you would like to cook as you add pepper to the grinder, use a one-handed pepper mill. If you do not want to multi-task, a two-handed peppermint would be great.

  • Manual or electric

Anyone can use a manual electric peppermill so long as they do not have arthritis or any related joint complications. This is because it is hard to operate this machine manually with pain or weakness on your bones.

A hand mill is useful if you are planning to use it at home regularly. Besides that, most hand mills are budget-friendly, and almost everyone can afford them.

The only drawback of using a manual peppermill is that you need to do all the tasks like twisting using your hands. Sometimes it can seem a bit cumbersome.

However, if you feel that you are struggling with painful bones and muscles, then you can get help by using the electric peppermill. Remember, some of them use batteries, which makes it easier to operate.

Electric peppermills are also quick and easy to use. Should you need bulk grinding, consider using it to save your time.

  • Filing method

Refilling a peppermill can be an issue, especially if you cannot see through the case. That is why you might find it hard to choose the right peppermill while shopping for an excellent grinder.

On the other hand, it is quite had to refill peppermills with slim openings. There would be a risk of spilling off. Other users also face the problem of unscrewing a metal cap that is not screwable. You might want to get a peppermill with a transparent case.

This helps you know whether it is the right time to refill it. Otherwise, you can also select a model that is easy to refill. A peppermill with a full opening and a twist-and –open metal cap can be great.

Type of mill: Manual or electric?


Are you wondering which could be the best option between the manual versus the electric peppermills? Well, that can be easier if you analysed your choice and preferences.

If you are into traditional stuff, a manual one may be the best fit. Traditional peppermills offer users excellent ground pepper in their original flavour. Traditional peppermills have a great design, and you can get them in various shapes and sizes.

The only issues with these papermills are that they use batteries. When these batteries go off, the device might shut down.

However, should you be in love with modern advancements, you might look for better technology in your peppermills. This will lead you to choose an electric peppermill with modern design.

Most people prefer using electric peppermills for various reasons. First, these papermills deliver fast or quick results. Within a few minutes of using them, you complete grinding a considerable chunk of pepper.

Pepper grinders are useful resources in helping you achieve your cooking goals. Always take your time and grind your pepper before the time to cook comes. When buying them, you might want to go through our buying guide and make an appropriate choice.


🍽️ 1. How can I use a peppermill?

Peppermills are used to turn whole peppercorns to powdered pepper either at home or commercially. Most pepper mills have a cylindrical shape and the entire peppercorns inside them on top.

You can also use some multi-purposed peppermills to crush salt, among other spices.

🍽️ 2. What is the procedure of filling a peppermill?

You need to grind the peppercorns at the base of the peppermill. Try to fill the pepper mill on top. Keep the corns in the central shaft.

To fill the mill, get away the small silver nut to help the top to come out quickly. Pour the peppercorns in when the lid is off.

🍽️ 3. How can you adjust the grind on your peppermill?

Changing the grinder requires you to turn the adjusting knob clockwise or to the right side and get a finer grind. However, if you want coarser grind, turn it counter-clockwise.

You can as well hold the base and change the top area clockwise so that you can operate the mill. You can also clean the mill by wiping away pepper towel or dampened cloth then dry it thoroughly.

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