Let’s just say..

You are trying to go frugal yet want to buy high-quality products at pocket-friendly rates. And you are wondering how possible can that be?

Worry not.

This is the right time to shop the kitchen essentials you have been planning to have for a long time.

Let’s see how you can do it.

It’s Black Friday week and Cyber Monday is also around the corner which will be November 26th 2018. Why don’t you make use of this opportunity to save as much as you can with the best kitchen products?

We have identified and compiled some great deals that will interest you.

Below are some of them of Black Friday Deals.

Cutlery Knife Block Set


Get 15 pieces of stainless steel knives from this single set under one purchase. Quicken your cutting experience in the kitchen with their super sharp blades and forget about tears when cutting onions. Whether you want to chop vegetables, bread or meat, these are the ideal knives for you.

Nonstick Frying Pan Ceramic coating

Use less oil and avoid annoyance that comes with the sticky pan when cooking by getting this non-stick pan. Made of ceramic coating, it’s safe to use and has a comfortable silicone handle as well. It offers the best heat control because it is made of aluminium.

Ultimate Pasta Machine

Enjoy making pasta like those of five-star hotels with this professional pasta maker. Being easily adjustable, you can now control the thickness of your nodules. Save up to 42% by buying it right now while Black Friday and Cyber Monday last.

Yzakka Stainless steel Shabu Hot Divider for Induction Cooktop Gas stove

Serve more than one type of dish under one pot to your family and friends with this hot divider. No more worries of what to serve each person as you can now put different recipes in this post and let everyone choose what they want.

Zelite Infinity Bread Knife Extra Length

It’s time to enjoy extreme comfort as slice your bread with the Zelite Infinity Bread Knife. Entice your visitors with their visually stunning shape and quicken your cutting experience with their exceptionally sharp blades. Being made of high carbon stainless steel, they offer lasting performance.

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

Live a healthy life by eating healthy foods like eggs. Cook a maximum of six eggs, whether boiled, scrambled or omelettes with this electric egg cooker. It comes with a measuring spoon, a poaching tray, a six-egg boiling tray, and an omelette tray. Save up to 33% when you purchase it now.

EFAL Sous Vide Cooker

Shorten your cooking preparation time with this cooker. Get results that you can’t achieve from any other ordinary cooker as flavours and juices don’t escape. It is not only easy to clean and you don’t have to baby sit the whole process.

Don’t be left out with these fantastic offers. After Black Friday and Cyber Monday which is November 26th, all the prices will go back to normal which is usually slightly high. If you want to save more, check the available deals and buy now all the kitchen equipment that you need.