Its me on the right! lol

I am a passionate drummer, guitarist, foodie and sous chef.

While music is my profession, cooking is my passion and I can’t imagine life without it. My fancy for food began when I was little – as the son of a single mother,

I watched with utter fascination as my mother turned out meal after delicious meal and I decided that I would do the same as well, no matter where life took me.

I live in Milwaukee, WI where I live with my wife, two kids and my dearest friend, my dog Alvin.

The internet has really opened up the food space. Add a few well-produced reality shows like Masterchef, and food is enjoying centre stage like never before. People’s palates have really travelled the world and it’s important that meals are more than just some mish mash of what’s in the pantry.

That being said, mise en place, or preparing your food can be a real task for the hurried homemaker. A working couple finds it really difficult to get a meal at home that isn’t takeout.

This is where helpful appliances come to the rescue. Be it the oven, or grill, or food processor, the appliances to take the hard work off of peeling, scraping, chopping are multi-fold!

As a child, I was always my mother’s handyman in the kitchen – slicing, dicing, juicing, arranging – you name it. Everything except the actual cooking was done by me. By the time I was 13, I was an expert in julienning vegetables.

My website is for the person who wants to know the tools of the food trade. If you have something you want to know about nifty kitchen gadgets that will help you cook better? You can spend a lot of time browsing my recommendations.

The website will essentially cover:


  • Product reviews
  • FAQs
  • Market Analysis
  • Tips and techniques on what equipment to buy
  • Video tutorials.

My Vision

My aim is to ensure that the people who need help in the kitchen get it from this site. The kitchen is not just a stove and a few appliances where your food gets made, it can be so much more with the right appliances.

Your partner will really love it if you create a space for them where they can put together an awesome meal and not be running crazy trying to get it all done. Why? Because you’re helping out in whatever way you can, and are using the best kitchen gadgets to do it.

My Motto

Practice practice practice.  Julienning doesn’t come easy to everyone, nor does baking. That being said, a detailed instruction manual, that gives you simple and easy steps to follow will go a great deal in creating a fabulous eating experience.

This website is that helpful manual. There’s everything here from knives to mixers to processors to hitherto undiscovered gems that you’ll love once you buy and use it.

I decided to start this website so that I could share my love and enthusiasm for kitchen gadgets with everyone. It’s a lot of fun as appliances change the way food is prepared and meals are put together. So, check out my website and if you like my reviews then please share them on Facebook and Instagram.

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