Preparing cupcakes and other types of cakes can never be easy without the best cake stand. Maybe you are planning a wedding and want a cake stands that will offer you the best presentation.

You might have conducted online research and wondered if there any reliable cake stands. With the many suggestions, you are getting, choosing the right one might be a bit daunting.

In this post, we are going to narrow down your search with our suggestions for the best brands.

The Best Cake stands


What’s the best cake stand?

When choosing a cake stand, it crucial to confirm the size of your cakes. There’s no need to buy a cake stand that is going to be smaller than your cake. You should choose the one with 2 inches bigger than your cake.

After all, when it’s bigger, it’s better. Keep in mind that when the cake is bigger than the diameter of the cake stand, it cannot accommodate it.

The weight of the cake also matters. If you are going to carry a heavy cake, you will need a big and robust cake stand.

Find below the best cake stands:

1.  Libbey Selene Glass Cake Stand with Dome

If you are looking for a multi-functional designed cake stand, this is all you need. The Libbey Selene Glass Cake Stand is designed in a way that saves space in your kitchen.

With its stunning curved appearance, it adds an exceptional profile on your table. Being made from Lead-free materials, you have no worries about placing your cake on this metallic stand.

It’s, therefore, safe to use. Always hand wash it before using and after use too. This cake stand comes with a glass cake that has a diameter of 13-inches and a 10.5-inch glass cake dome.

2.  Cake Stand Clear Round Acrylic

Here is yet another fantastic revolving cake stand that best suits weddings and parties. It has a diameter of 9.44 inches, and 16 push pops with a 0.8-inch diameter each.

Being made from acrylic, it has a great design and excellent quality. It’s perfect finish helps it achieve the stunning appearance and ease of cleaning.

Due to its materials thickness of 4mm, it is sturdy and durable. It can serve more than one purpose, thanks to its 16 push pops. No worries of the cake falling down since it is strong enough to firmly hold it.

3.  Vilavita 2-Set Modern Cake Stands

Baby shower parties and weddings would never be exciting without a beautiful cake stand. Vilavita2-2 set modern cake stands could be of help for such events among other parties.

Celebrate your Thanksgiving with these cake stands made from Antique Iron, which makes them durable. They are best for presenting your pastries, cookies, candies, cupcakes, desserts, and other types of cakes.

These multi-functional cake stands can also act as a dessert stand and used to serve fruits. You can easily install and use them. They come in 2 sets and suit any event.

4.   Cake Stand Cakewalk True Fabrication

Here is another cake stand that can spice up your upcoming party with a beautiful display. The Cake True Fabrication comes in only one set.

It also comes in blue as the only color. If you are going to use it, consider blue as your theme color for the party. When washing it, hand washing is the only recommended method so far. You can quickly assemble and use it.

It’s also safe to put food on it since it’s not made from poisonous metals.

5.  HBlife Acrylic Cake Stand

HBlife Acrylic Cake stand is multi-purpose equipment that you can use for six different functions. It comes with three sections, thanks to its 3-in-1 design.

This cake stand has a pedestal cake platter that has a lid cover that you can use to make your cake stay fresh. You can flip over its cake dome, then attach it to a sectional dish and use it as a salad bowl.

Did you know that you can also invert the tray to use it as a dip serving tray? This is a fantastic cake stand that you can customize for various uses.

6.  Kootek Aluminium Alloy Revolving Cake stand

Kootek Aluminium Alloy is another rotating cake stand with a diameter of 12 inches. If you are looking for something to use decorating supplies, then this might help you. Being made with sturdy aluminum materials, it’s durable and lasts long.

It enables you to pie slices and serve cakes without destroying any pastry. It’s resistant to corrosion and is dishwasher safe. It comes with three decorating comps made of durable stainless steel.

With this comb, you can create various textures on your cake as you soften the sides.

Things to consider when buying a cake stand


As a cake enthusiast, presentation is a crucial factor after preparing it. A high-quality cake stand can help you create lasting memories at a wedding party. Here are things to put in mind while buying a cake stand.

  • Material

Cake stands are made from various materials. Remember that some materials are not suitable to be used with food. For example, Lead is a poisonous metal and isn’t safe to be used on kitchen equipment.

There are those made from wood, plastic, and those from metals. Others like glass are beautiful and classic but extremely delicate.

What material is the stand made from? Should you opt for the one made from plastic, consider the one that is free from BPA. Find out if the FDA has approved the material.

This is to ensure that they don’t react with food in terms of odor, chemical, and coloring too. If you choose glass, make sure that you are ready to handle them with care since they are also heavy.

  • Tiers/Quality

Do you need tiered stands? If yes, how many tiers would you require? You might want to choose a 2 level or 3 tier designs. If you have different flavors, you choose a cake stand with more than one cake holder.

However, cake stands with rotatable designs that don’t have tiers. It is your choice to select between the two.

  • Design

Do you have a particular theme for your party? You could use it to choose your cake stand design. Make sure that the colors of the cake stand are in line or match the theme color.

Some cake stands have creative designs that give your cake a classic look. For example, there are those with beads that add decoration to your cakes. Besides that, if you are marketing your cakes, you might want to choose a simply designed cake stand.

This will allow you to showcase your creative baking skills. It is your cakes that will speak more about your work. Bright and white options would be ideal in this case.

  • Type

As mentioned before, the market is flooded with many types of cake stands. It is crucial to determine what you need so that you can choose a cake stand.

There are tiered cake stands, simple cake stands, and rotating cake stands. Tiered cakes stand tend to have different layers. You will have a variety of choices to select, but it depends on your theme and preference.

If you need a cake stand to use in decoration, you might want to buy a rotating cake stand. It’s simple to use it since you can decorate without moving the cake around. Simple ones are effective when you want to display your creativity in terms of baking skills.

  • Size

When we talk of size, we are referring to the diameter of the cake stand top. As mentioned earlier, the cake stand diameter should be 2 inches wider than the size of the cake. The cake stand should be larger than the cake, compared to when it is small.

Ensure that the size of the cake stand matches that of the baking tray. Keep in mind that size will also affect how you are going to store the cake stand.

Is the size going to fit with the design of the table? Does it suit the theme of the event? Ensure that the size is wide enough to accommodate what you want to offer.

  • Mechanical factors

If you require a cake stand for decoration purposes, you need to consider mechanical factors. For example, some cake stands can be tilted while others can rotate.

If rotation is your point of concern, consider the one that can rotate from all the sides. This makes it easier for you to decorate it without turning the cake. The quality of ball bearings and the height also matters. Some cakes can enable you to lock them in one place, which creates stability.

  • Storage

Storage is essential, especially when not using a cake stand. If you are keeping it in a small kitchen, you might be interested to know whether you can disassemble it to save space.

If that is possible, how easy is it to assemble it again? Find out if the cake stands wobbles after collecting it. This might cause the cake to fall.

  • Price

While price shouldn’t be your priority, you need to analyze your budget. How much are you willing to spend on it? Your usage might help you decide on this.

For example, if you plan to use it only for a one-time event, you might opt for a cheaper option. However, if you are looking for a high-quality cake stand to use frequently, you might have to dig deeper into your pockets.

  • Add-on accessories

Most cakes stand come with a package of other additional accessories. With these accessories, you can easily decorate your cake. Some of the add-on accessories include a spatula, a knife, and other accompanying supplies.

Find out from the product description of what suppliers the cake stand comes with. This might save you from purchasing it when you can already get it with the stand.

  • Convenience

Every cake stand has a cleaning manual. Some cake stands are not easy to clean. Cake deposits might be left on the ends and corners of the top.

This is dangerous as it may be a good host for bacteria, which can lead to infections. Try to find models that are dishwasher safe. To avoid scratching your cake stand while washing, consider using warm water and soap to wash it.

Types of cake stands


There are three main types of cake stands. The simple cake stand, the tiered cake stand, and the rotating cake stand. It’s essential to know each of them so that you can make a meaningful decision while purchasing them. Let’s analyze each of them.

(i). Rotating cake stand

A rotating cake stand has rotating positions that make it easy to move it from side to side. It is used for decoration purposes. It saves the decorator the hassle of moving arms during decoration processes. It helps you decorate professional cakes by making your work easier. All you need is moving your cake around your tools.

(iii). Tiered cake stand

Tiered cake stands are meant to help your cake presentation stand out on the table. They are ideal for those who love parties and need a pinch of style.

When choosing a tiered cake stand, it would be great if you chose a clear cake stand so that you can decorate it with ribbons.

Under the tiered cake stands, we have a single-tier, two-tier, three-tier, and the multi-tiered cake stands.

– Single tier cake stand

This cake stand is meant for simple cakes only as it has one-tier. However, one tier is durable and can hold the weight of the cake.

– Two-tier cake stand

These are two tiers of a cake stand, and you can arrange them on top of one another. You can as well arrange them at a distance and connect them.

– Three-tier

You can use this cake stand at various angles. This makes it more appealing. It uses three tiers.

– Multi-tiered

Would you like a cake stand that can help you go a little creative? Multi-tiered cake stands are the way to go since they are made of different materials like metal, ceramic, iron, and glass. It helps you select the number of layers you need.

(ii). Iron wire cake stands

Wrought iron is becoming popular in making cake stands. While it is quite delicate, it makes an awesome cake stands.

(iv). Glass cake stands

Glass cake stands are made from glass and come in various colors. Some are also transparent with a fancy look. Glass cake stands have a dome shape cover to cover the cake. While glass cake stands are beautiful, they are delicate, and it is difficult to maintain them.

(v). Metal cake stands

Metal cake stands are made from metal and are durable and also a bit heavy. These stands work well on multi-tiered cakes. They can either be embossed or come in gold and silver.

(vi). Porcelain cake stands

These are ideal cake stands for tea parties and holding cupcakes. They come in different shapes, colors, and patterns.

(vii). Fancy cake stands

Did you know that you can customize a cake stand to suit the event you are hosting? Elegant cake stands can help you achieve this. These cake stands look like Cinderella’s carriage. They are sometimes studded with diamonds and have a rustic appearance.

If it’s a Christmas season, you can cut out a Father Christmas placemat so that it can have a festive look. You can as well surround the cake with Holly leaves to give it that Christmas appearance. You might want to wrap a ribbon of lace or add beards around the base of the cake.

On a wedding event, you might want to add candles or champagne glasses next to the cake. It’s up to you to think about all kinds of creativity while using this cake stand.

(viii). Simple, cake stand

A simple cake stand is a single item. It doesn’t have a tiered stand. This stand is simple but also appealing. While it doesn’t have to make any statement, its simplicity is striking. It has no moving part, such as rotating stands.

However, it comes in various diameters but doesn’t have any extras. They are also cheaper compare to other cake stands. You can incorporate them with simple decorations as you dress up your cake.

If you are looking for a simple cake stand to showcase your baking skills, these might be the best choice.

Cake stands are crucial for the success of any baker’s career. Besides that, they are also needed to spice up your party, wedding, or any other critical event.

You can choose a cake stand based on your needs. The cake stands mentioned above are among our best selection. You could pick one of them based on your preferences.


🎂 1. What’s the weight of a cake stand?

The maximum weight of the average cake stands lies between 40lbs-75lbs. From the above review, there’s no doubt that most cake stands can carry the weight of tiered cakes.

🎂 2. What is the standard size of a cake?

You need to choose a cake stand that is the same size as that of the base of your cake. You can as well choose the one with a bigger base at least 2 inches apart. However, the most popular cake stand sizes are 18, 16, 14, 12, and 10 inches.

🎂 3. Does one need a cake stand for their wedding cake?

No. Most bakers provide a cake stand once you order a wedding cake from them. Besides that, they also offer a base layer; hence you can do without it.

🎂 4. Is there anything I can use if I don’t have a cake stand?

If you don’t have a cake stand, you can improvise one. Take a handless cup and place a blue-tac on it. You can then press a big matching plate firmly on top of it. You might want to hot glue the cup to that plate.

🎂 5. What do we call a cake stand?

A cake stand is also known as a pedestal. This is a decorative plate that is escalated on a foot or stem to showcase baked items.

Initially, people used to know these stands as salvers. They were named after silver platters that were used to serve drinks and foods.

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