If you have ever used kitchen timers before, at one point, some of them must have disappointed you. Issues like having too many buttons presses like “press start”,  “activate timer mode”  and “key in time”, among others, can be annoying.

You might want the one with the reduced number of button presses. Besides that, you could also be looking for something that will last long before purchasing another one.

By the end of this post, you will be able to choose the best kitchen timer. Let’s analyze some kitchen timers.

The Best Kitchen timer


What is the best kitchen timer?

When buying a kitchen timer, ensure that it is easy to use. It shouldn’t have too many buttons that might confuse you and waste your time.

It should be versatile in that it can do multiple tasks for you. Its alarm should not only be loud but also last long enough. Other kitchen timers are sophisticated in that they can vibrate and flashlight as well.

It should also have a clear display so that you can view the cooking time properly.

Here are the best kitchen timers you can buy online:

1. Wrenwane kitchen timer digital

This is an upgraded timer with a simple operating system. Its digits are big enough to be seen well. You can view them well from a distance since the figures are bold. If you don’t have the best eyesight, this could be what you need.

It also has no fills like the previous kitchen timers. This timer can be a great stopwatch because it counts up and down from zero. Its alarm is loud enough that you can hear it well even when you are not in the kitchen but around the house.

2. Sunbeam manual kitchen timer

The Sunbeam 4084441 61040 is yet another kitchen timer that you can enjoy to manage your recipe times. Since it has a few buttons, it’s simple to use even if you are a beginner. The markings are bold and visible, which makes them easy to read.

This timer comes in white color and has numbers reaching up to 60 minutes. It is versatile in that it can stand upright, and you can also hang it or put it to stand upright.

You don’t need to buy any batteries when using it. It has an extra-long ring, which makes it reliable.

3. Kitchen timer magnetic

Kitchen timer magnetic is versatile equipment with both count up and count down. It also has a loud alarm, which you can hear when doing other chores around the house.

The digits are also clear that you will not strain to view them. It’s easy to use in that you can set the timer to 00.00, and the timing starts. Beginners and kids too can use it without having problems.

4. ThermoPro TP-16 Digital Cooking Timer

Are you looking for a cooking timer for preparing meat? The ThermoPro is your ideal kitchen timer in this case. It has a large LCD and visible numbers written in bold. You can use this timer as a stove up, smoker and oven too.

It has preset temperatures and a programmable alert for a specified number of foods. You can reset the temperatures according to your desired taste. Being made from stainless steel, it is durable and free from rust.

5. Oggi Countdown Stainless Steel

This is a 60-minute kitchen timer that is easy to use from setting up to cleaning it after use. Being made of the stainless steel case, all you need is to use a damp piece of cloth to wipe it. However, avoid immersing the fabric in water.

You can twist it according to your desired time. The steel used to make it is sturdy and also makes it attractive. It blends with many kitchen decors and might ideal for you.

What to consider when buying a kitchen timer


To get the best kitchen timer, it would be great if you considered the following factors.

  • Positioning and portability

An excellent kitchen timer is the one you can carry around easily as you move around the kitchen. For example, you should be able to hang it on your neck. It should also be easy to position it in your house, like sticking it on your fridge using a magnet.

  • Durability

What’s the material used to make the kitchen timer? It should be strong enough to withstand prolonged usage and the kitchen environment as well.

Remember, the kitchen temperature can change anytime to humid or hot. It should withstand all these conditions.

  • Range of count down

What’s the time range of the food that you will often be cooking? Consider checking whether the kitchen timer fits those count downs. For example, if you will be preparing food for a few hours, a kitchen timer with a range of 60 minutes won’t be a great fit.

  • Precision

Most digital timers are accurate and work according to the time range that you set.

  • Versatility

How many jobs can the timer do for you? Some sophisticated timers can perform a variety of tasks. They can be clocks, count down, and count up too. Choose the one that can perform more than a single job.

  • Ease of use

As mentioned before, some digital timers may have many buttons, which makes it confusing to use them. A kitchen timer with a few button scan is easy to use. They should also b easy to set up and clean.

  • Power options

Kitchen timers with mechanical timers cannot use batteries. However, with the digital timers, you can replace batteries. Try to choose digital timers, which you can turn off the batteries when not using them.

  • Alarm

How is the alarm on the timer? It should be loud so that you can hear even when away from your kitchen but near the house.

Unfortunately, analog kitchen timers do not have a digital timer that is loud enough.

The timers should also last longer. If you want, you can get a sophisticated kitchen timer with a flashlight and vibrating alert as well.

  • Clear display

The display of the timer is crucial so that you can see through them. Consider choosing the one with big and bold numbers that you can view even from a slight distance from the timer.

This will help you see the cooking time left and avoid overcooking your food.

  • Style

Your taste matters when it comes to the style of a kitchen timer. You shouldn’t just choose a functional digital timer. Find something that looks great and makes cooking enjoyable.

First, check the style of your kitchen and decide what fits it. You might want to get the one with a cutting edge modern design or the one with vintage retro styling.

Why should you use a kitchen timer?


Are you wondering whether you should get a kitchen timer or not? You may already be having one on your Smartphone. Or maybe your oven also has a timer in it, and you don’t know whether you need to get another one. Below are the reasons why you should have a kitchen timer in your home.

  • Oven timers are not always reliable or simple

With an oven timer, you can waste a lot of time. Can you imagine scrolling through various modes so that you can get the ideal mode of your oven timer? That can be tiring and boring.

Secondly, oven timers aren’t portable. They are built in there, and you need to go and check your oven now and then. Again, oven timers can break, meaning you will have to replace them.

Kitchen timers, on the other hand, are reliable, in that you can take them anywhere you wish to go around your house. They also don’t break down quickly.

  • Smartphones don’t do well in the kitchen

The first concern you might want to think about when taking your Smartphone in the kitchen is water. That’s a great enemy that can destroy it. Secondly, too high temperatures can make your Smartphone overheat.

Overheating can cause your phone to go off indefinably. Lastly, when in the kitchen, you tend to get in contact with grease. If you hold your Smartphone’s screen with oil, wiping it can be a hurdle.

Kitchen timers have robust and durable construction and can withstand the temperatures of the kitchen.

  • Cooking times are important

When you read every recipe, you will see clear instructions on the required cooking time. You don’t have to cook less or more than the time recommended. Food like chicken and other types of meat require to be well prepared for health reasons.

Undercooking them can cause some diseases. Overcooking food may also destroy their taste and nutrients. You also need to prepare vegetables well. Don’t overcook them.

As for cakes, if you don’t follow the cooking time needed, you might end up with dry or burnt cakes. A kitchen timer will help you to be accurate in timing the required amount of time.

  • Kitchen timers are useful for other things

Besides using the timer in the kitchen, you can as well use it in other activities. For example, you can take it to the gym with you and time yourself as you work out.

You can also use the kitchen timer timing your projects and other kid’s activities. The timer functions like any other stopwatch.

Mechanical vs. Digital kitchen timers

When buying a kitchen timer, one of the factors you might want to consider is whether it is an analog or a kitchen timer. It’s crucial to know the difference between the two. Keep reading below.

A mechanical kitchen timer is the traditional one that doesn’t run with batteries. It’s quite easy to set it up y merely turning the dial on. You need to twist part of the timer to set the desired time. The only issue is that it is not as accurate as a digital kitchen timer.

On the mechanical timer, you can only set minutes. It has a maximum capacity of 60 minutes. These means that it is not possible to use it while cooking meals that take hours to be ready. You don’t need a power source while using this timer.

Mechanical timers cannot be fixed on a fridge because they lack a magnet. They are, therefore, self-standing. These timers always tick something that most people find irritating. Some do not have a visible display making viewing an issue.

A digital kitchen timer uses batteries as its source of power. For this reason, you can remove the batteries to save energy when the timer is not in use. It has a clear display with bold numbers.

You can see it from a distance, even if you have eyesight problems. Digital kitchen timers are also accurate, and you can rely on them when preparing cakes and other pastries.

Alarms of these timers are loud enough and persistent to alert you once the time is up. Some sophisticated timers can vibrate and have flashlights to send you alerts.

If you are looking for a kitchen timer that you can set to be quiet, consider a digital timer. It will then alert you with lights and a simple vibration.

Unlike a mechanical timer, you can attach a digital timer on a fridge using a magnet. With a digital timer, you can count down and count up, thanks to its features.

This makes it possible to recall the last setting. The only issue is that older people find it quite hard to control digital timers because they are a bit complicated.

A kitchen timer is essential equipment in your kitchen. It helps you stay alert and prepare meals the right way according to the required standard.

It would be wise if you used digital kitchen timers. They tend to have more advanced features that can help your work to be more comfortable.

You can attach them to your fridge or wear them on your neck as you walk around the house. There are many brands in the market. Consider choosing the one that suits your needs and taste.


⏲️ 1. How can we define a kitchen timer?

A kitchen timer is equipment that you can set for several minutes that is up to 60 minutes and rings an alarm after those set minutes. The alarms can be in the form of a buzzer or a bell. It is commonly used in baking and cooking.

⏲️ 2. What are the categories of kitchen timers?

We can group timers into two main groups. They can either be mechanical kitchen timers or digital kitchen timers. A device that counts from zero upwards to measure the time that has elapsed is called a stopwatch.

However, a device that counts downwards from a specific time is referred to as a timer. An example of this is an hourglass.

⏲️ 3. How does a kitchen timer operate?

Analog or mechanical kitchen timers work according to the amount of force you apply. You need to twist the dial to set a mechanical timer.

You should as well offer the source of power required for the timer to complete that cycle. When you twist the timer, the spring compresses and as it unwinds the gears turn. The result of this is the dial on the timer moving.

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